Ah Men: Just for You

anti-cancer diets and dairy

Got milk? Got prostate cancer?

Coming soon …

Plantastic Kitchen’s® take on 

“The Testosterone That Drives Prostate Cancer, Alopecia and Adolescent Acne:

How to Tame it in your Kitchen.” 

Dear Dudes, 

Milk’s signaling proteins–They make your cell messaging go all kerflouey.  

Try caraway and mint and matcha instead. 

Lots more to come, all researched with love,

the gals from Your Plantastic Kitchen®  


That would be me, dear readers–Harriet Sugar Miller, health journalist, cancer survivor, erstwhile IP lawyher (sic)–and all of you who

join the diet and cancer community here

or test some Plantastic Kitchen® messipes here 

or just want to hang out with us and eavesdrop.  


“Your Plantastic Kitchen®,  

ABC Guide to Long Life, Good Health, Trim Bellies”—

a digital how-to trip to a plant-based lifestyle–

is coming out in 2018. 





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