#AICR19 Takeaway: Change Your Metabolism

The evidence is clear, says the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR), the team of scientists who’ve been studying nutrition’s role in cancer for more than three decades.    Excess body fat, particularly the kind that accumulates around the belly, … Continue reading

A Love Letter to John McCain: Seyfried and Co.’s Anti-Cancer Formula

May 2018 update: The answer to my question at the end of this post is “Yes  it seems that you can get into ketosis on a plant-based diet.” Check out Miriam Kalamian and her “Keto for Cancer” book here.  Long … Continue reading

Anti-Cancer Strategies: Inhibit Glutamine

For an overview of cancer as a metabolic disease, start here. Cancer cells thrive on certain fuels–including glucose and glutamine, two key elements that you must inhibit in your anti-cancer diet. We’ve talked ad nauseum about glucose. But what about … Continue reading

Ring Around the Belly: 5 Keys to Ringing out the Old

Is it my imagination or has Pillsbury’s Dough Boy shed a bit of belly fat? Wonder what he’s been eating for lupper?

Anti-Diabetes is Anti-Cancer: And Butter is not Back

Today, on World Diabetes Day, it’s time to set the record straight: The cause of Type 2 diabetes and its precursor, insulin resistance, is saturated fats. They muck up your cells and the ability of your cells to use insulin.   Choo choo … Continue reading

Anti-Cancer Diets: Why I’m Ditching Brazil Nuts

As if Brazil didn’t have enough to worry about, now comes a new study that exposes the shady side of selenium. The selenium in Brazil nuts, it turns out, is not the kind associated with anti-cancer qualities. 

Anti-Cancer News: The New York Times on Feeding Cancer

2018 update: For an update on Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s suggestions for treating cancer as a metabolic disease, read his article here or my piece summarizing that article.   Talk with your oncologist about using this approach and ask your oncologist to reach … Continue reading

Part 3: What’s On and Off Your Anti-Cancer Platter? Flavonoids & The Mighty Italian Triumverate

Now that you’re no longer a “Proteinaholic,” how do you go about selecting the most nutritious plants among all those shades of red, purple and green?  My first vote goes to “The Mighty Italian Triumvirate,” a combo of  

2016: What’s on and off your Anti-Cancer Platter?

What’s the latest advice that scientists are dishing out for your anti-cancer diet? off the platter: suspect proteins on the platter: plant proteins, but which ones and how much? on the platter: flavonoids Read the backstory first to enhance tonight’s … Continue reading

Anti-Cancer Outrage: Let us Eat Cake?

Ready for some anti-cancer nonsense? This weekend, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is sponsoring– get this– the Montreal Cake Show!  Last time I checked the anti-cancer diet books, cake was definitely off the menu.   In fact, the esteemed World … Continue reading

Anti-Cancer Strategies: Fats and Fasting, a Revolutionary Weapon for an Aggressive Enemy

Update: Ketogenic diets may not offer the solution that scientists hoped for, but looking at how cancer cells burn fuel for energy is for sure generating insight into how cancer grows and spread. Since this article was published, some scientists … Continue reading

Anti-Cancer Breakfast Recipes: What Grain is Best for your Blood Sugar?

Hint: For an anti-cancer diet, one of these tops your choice of grains: a/ steel cut oats       b/ oat flakes       c/ oat bran.     Which one?