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anti-cancer signatureBy posting comments in this Eat and Beat Cancer forum, you’ll be able to chat with others from all over the world about nutrition and cooking and how they affect cancer. Share your experiences, your questions, your recipes. The science out there can be confusing, and I hope to help you navigate it. 

7 thoughts on “Chat with Others

  1. How nice of you to start this forum, dedicated to nutrition, cooking and cancer. Thanks for letting me know about it. I am excited and honoured to be the first contributor!

    My main concern is to help a good friend who is in a tough fight. and all others in their own battles. But also, over our red cabbage soup last night, my wife and I decided that we would assume that we too have undiagnosed cancer and “join the battle”. We already eat WF/PB for some 2.5 years now since my very much diagnosed heart attack and bypass. The results have been fantastic for both of us. My chemistry and weight are much improved…she is also feeling great with far fewer problems with asthma, inflammation and other ailments. We’re both 60.

    I’ll just add this. I have had a small mole-like, warty thing growing out of my..ahhem …otherwise beautiful face for about a year now. I have type II diabetes and after reading about calorie-restriction (CR), I got serious about losing some more weight and keeping my blood sugar down. We’ve noticed that since I started doing that, that little “thing” has diminished to almost nothing. Interesting to see what could be a result so soon.

    I am currently reading the lit and talking to as many people as I can to come up to speed. Am especially interested in the mitochondrial theory of cancer (ala Dr. Thomas Seyfried) and developing the strategies that Harriet and others are pursuing. But that is not to say not interested in other dietary approaches to this, dare I say, metabolic disease.

    Finally, I’ve had more than a few strange “interactions” with internet creepsters, so for the moment at least I will remain anonymous using an equally strange moniker that stems from my interest in the origin of life on Earth. Oh dear…I suppose you now know that I am atheistic. Except when i’m in the veg garden. Then I pray like hell!

    I implore anyone reading this who has some knowledge, ideas, questions or experiences to share to please do so.


      • Right, thanks for reminding me. I can swing that. I’ve got Rocket growing all over the place. We are eating very heavily in the green leafy AND the cruciferous categories. I am trying to add more carrots, beetroot… more different categories.

        I eat at least 2 raw garlic every day. I smash em up , then chop with some kale, basil and chard. That goes on my special recipe bread:

        1 tbs dextrose
        1 tsp salt
        300 ml water
        Then the dry ingredients…In a container, 1 rounded 1/2 C scoop of gluten, 3 C wholemeal flour, 1 handful pmpkin seed, 1 handfull sunflower seed, 1 tsp turmeric, a BIG shake of dried onion flakes, a big pinch of dried garlic and 1/2 C regular oatmeal.

        That goes into the pan in one go followed by 2 tsp of Surebake yeast mix. Set on Wholemeal, regualar and push start. 3:40 min later. Mmmmm. I TRY to just have one slice for breakfast.

        Lunch is always the same: in a Microwave bowl:

        2 C choped green leafies. , 1/2 c sweet potato, broc, cauli, carrot, 1 chopped mushroom, hot sauce… Nuke for 6 min…sprinkle with nut yeast. It does the job.

        Also I keep a batch of my version of chickpea curry in the fridge for “emergencies”. sometimes my sugar goes below 6 and I get very poorly. I know I need to tough it out and get down to 4 or even 3.5. But right now I just can’t hack it.

        Dinner is my personal challenge. I’m tired after a full day in the shop, need to fix something good before Ann gets home… you know. Its usually a stir “fry”, or soup. But I still crave flavorful multicourse dinners. Played with seitan, no go.


  2. Hello Everyone:

    I wonder if you have heard of Savor Health? The owners of this site should really reach out to Savor as you both have the same mission of supporting cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers with sound, science backed, information on nutrition and cancer. Savor has is staffed with highly credentialed nurses and dietitians specializing in oncology. The owner of Savor started this company because cancer touched her life, personally, when her father and a good friend were diagnosed. She saw a gap in the market to provide nutritional support. Savor offers oncology based nutritional counseling and meal delivery service. I highly encourage you check them out at You can learn more about their dietitian nutritional counseling service at this link:

    Hope this helps!


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