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We’re almost there.  Eat and Beat Cancer’s “How to Create Your Anti-Cancer Kitchen” will be launching soon in digital format. Think of it as a clove-scented fire extinguisher to tame the underlying inflammation that leads to cancer. 

You’ll get

  • Easy, Inexpensive Mostly Plant-Based Recipes– such as Good Mornin Dahl, for your new style of breakfast  
  • Foods to Emphasize and Avoid–How to Choose and Use Them
  • plus the Top Dietary Strategies scientists are unravelling, explained in clear unscientific terms.  

Are onions healthier than shallots? What happens to a plant’s anti-cancer compounds when you cook it? And why is the #1 Step to Your Anti-Cancer Kitchen “Attack Alliums First!”? 

If you’d like to get on our mailing list, please leave a reply with your email address below. No worries–We won’t publish your whereabouts.    



11 thoughts on “Get the Book

  1. Loved your video on salmon preparation pointing out the all important fat in fresh and canned salmon, as well as the following recipe. I am always looking or simple, healthful recipes


  2. Definitely interested in the e-book. I’m looking for simple healthy recipes. Trying to help my cancer diagnosed husband eat and change my eating permanently.


  3. Keen to see your recipes, I am looking to fight an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation, I think your food theories are applicable to more than just cancer.


  4. I was diagnosed with GCT ovarian cancer two months ago. I want to change my diet, but is not easy because some vegetables and fruits has estrogen so I don’t know if they are good or not. Is there a special diet and supplements for this type of cancer?
    I definitely want the e-book


  5. Discovered this site comparing limes vs lemons because I am suffering with severe inflammation. Discovered more information I wasn’t aware of otherwise. Now I will look for the book. Thank You for the site.


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