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Want to learn some more anti-cancer recipes and cooking tips? Join us for our Eat and Beat Cancer™ workshops, starting in Fall 2012. The sessions will be led by health journalist Harriet Sugar Miller (the person behind this blog) along with Holly Botner, Montreal’s jittery and fabulous cook. 

Live workshops will take place in Montreal in French and English. Web workshops are being organized on demand. 

Want more info? Contact us via the reply form below. Let us know what days/times work for you.   

2 thoughts on “Sign up for Workshops

    • What’s the source of the protein? Soy protein isolate is definitely not allowed. Whey is controversial. I know many practitioners recommend it but there is research showing it stimulates insulin and insulin growth factor-1, which promote the growth of cancers. I will be writing about that in an upcoming post. If it were me, I’d avoid whey.

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