Anti-Cancer Awards: This Year’s Top Blog Post Stinks

Let’s jump straight to the top. The #1 most read post this year is–Anti-Cancer Recipes: Should you Cook Onions? So what’s the short answer?

Eat them raw as well as cooked, but don’t cook them more than 4 -5 minutes.

Here’s a recipe with tips on how to steam-saute your onions in no time. (You’ll need to make this Turmeric Concoction–just  cumin, black pepper and the deep yellow variety of turmeric.)    

And here’s a tip from “rEeveena’s kitchen” on how to make raw red onions tasty: Cut them up and let them sit in lime juice and salt for about 20 minutes. (Click on that link and try her delicious recipe for guacamole, with red onions soaked in lime juice and cilantro.)

How you choose and use onions is also important. Select small ones–the kinds grown for long storage in northern soils, which have lots of sulfur–over freshly picked and sweet, southern onions. And peel them gently. Important phytonutrients concentrate in their outer layers, as this year’s most popular blog post explains. 

I caught up with Dr. Irwin Goldman, the source of all this onion wisdom, to get his advice on storing onions. Find a cool, dry space where some outside air circulates, he suggests. A root cellar or shed works well. “Keep them dry and keep the air circulating if you can,” he says. 

And don’t forget the #1 Rule of Your Anti-Cancer Kitchen: Attack Alliums First! Onions and garlic have to sit around for a while after you break their cell walls in order to develop their anti-cancer properties–onions about a half hour, garlic about 10 minutes. (For more tips on using onions, check out this article on Zester Daily, which made the New York Times’ Diner’s Journal, may it rest in peace.)  

Finally, this is off our anti-cancer focus, but it’s a doozy: This year’s most popular post on Glowing Older® featured the wart-fighting qualities of the onion’s juice! 


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