Are You Among the Walking Wounded?

Dr. Andrew Dannenberg

Weill Cornell’s Dr. Andrew Dannenberg is concerned about us postmenopausal women.

Normal BMI?
Too much friggin’ trunk fat?

I don’t know about you, but that describes my personal profile these days—and qualifies me for “The Walking Wounded,” the large cohort of women that Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, Weill Cornell Medicine Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of Cancer Prevention at its Meyer Cancer Center, is worried about.

We’re at higher risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, he says. “BMI’s a lousy measurement;” it’s giving us a false sense of security at a time when we might otherwise be taking action,  he adds.    

Read the Q&A with Dannenberg here,  in “Under the Microscope,” my new column for the American Institute for Cancer Research.    


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