Anti-Cancer Shopping Tip: Which Stock to Stock?

anti-cancer veggie stock

What’s hiding in commercial stock?

Working too hard to find time to make your own stock from scratch?  Before you grab a substitute, check out the ingredient list.

Many stocks contain sugars (cane and fruit juice, dextrose), potatoes (pure starch) and various kinds of oils. 

Pacific Foods has none of that—just organic vegetables and sea salt.

Admittedly, you’re still getting a chunk of sodium with every cup, but if you usually shun processed foods and don’t have a condition that requires zealous  watching, then you can afford to cheat every now and then—at least a little bitta.  

Nothing’s perfect.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Shopping Tip: Which Stock to Stock?

  1. The pacific vegetable broth is great! I don’t eat meat and use vegetable broth in soups and to flavor stir fries and other dishes and have been dissapointed with most vegetable stocks but pacific is great and they even have a low sodium version!


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