Anti-Cancer Foods: Carb Substitutes

anti cancer moo shoo vegies

Moo shoo veggies, wrapped in lettuce instead of carbs.

Resolved to cut carbs? Good idea. Carbs are linked to high blood sugar, which in turn is linked to diabetes, heart disease, fat and even cancer. 

Here are some creative substitutes:

Rice: Cauliflower pieces, cut or torn very small

Mashed potatoes: Mashed cauliflower and sauteed onions. You can also use mashed turnips or celery root. Season with herbs or spices.

Lasagna noodles:  Zucchini, sliced lengthwise and thinly

Buns:  Portobellos, warmed and gills removed, unless you’re feeling lazy

Pasta:  Broccoli spears, onions, mushrooms, smothered in sauce. Try our Broccoli Puttanesca. Cauliflower’s also a filling sub. 

Wraps, tacos, burritos: Lettuce or steamed collard leaves, stuffed with beans and/or veggies. Try our recipe for Indonesian tempeh wrapped in leafy greens, available in “Eat and Beat Cancer: How to Create Your Anti-Cancer Kitchen,” to be released in late Fall 2013.     


8 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Foods: Carb Substitutes

  1. Thanks for the tips; this is ongoing issue – for many people – on figuring out how to cut out the carbs. . Thanks for posting and I look forward to sharing more with you:)


  2. another great pasta substitute is with your mandeline grater, julienne zuchini…add garlic and onions. Wonderful favor and texture and looks like spaghettini.


  3. sardines are challenging, but very do-able as a tasty dish. I chop up one or more of kale, mushrooms, cabbage, radishes, or cauliflower, add mustard, then eat it as a sardine salad; or if I am feeling naughty in a sandwich with whole wheat bread. the cauliflower is esp good for the crunch.


    • Well, all those fall/winter squashes are a bit starchy–thus somewhat high in carbs–so eat them in moderation. Have you a good spaghetti squash recipe you want to share?


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