Anti-Cancer Alert: Has your Sardine been Swimming in Japan?

Sardines, anchovies, mackerel and herring are all good sources of healthy omega 3 fats—small fish that feed low on the food chain, hence less susceptible to accumulating pollutants. But whoa!The Japanese are detecting radiation in small fish along their now- polluted coast. They’re still exporting their fish, and many countries are still importing them, and the authorities keep saying that the radiation levels are harmless.

But do they really know?  Does radiation behave in a linear fashion—that is, small amount equals small harm, big amount equals big harm? Or is radiation subject to the butterfly effect—small  differences induce significant consequences even far away from the source?   

And why take the risk? Sure, we should support Japan’s people in their time of sorrow,  but do we have to keep importing their food?

Before you buy, please ask:  Where does that fish come from?  Small, oily fish may rank on your anti-cancer food list, but not if they’ve been hanging out along Japan’s Pacific coast. 

3 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Alert: Has your Sardine been Swimming in Japan?

  1. Or better yet avoid the fish all together and get you omega-3 from plant based sources. Use oil and seeds of Flax and hemp are great sources!


  2. You’re absolutely right, Dave. Ground flaxseeds, hemp* and the new kid on the block, chia, are good sources of omega 3s.The omega 3s found in fish are of a different variety, and some experts say that we need both, not just the plant versions. There are several good brands of de-contaminated fish oils on the market, which you can take instead of eating fish. Fish is also a good source of protein—and many folks eat it for that reason, too. It’s your body, your choice. Thanks for enhancing the conversation, Dave. Keep those comments flowing.

    *If you have an estrogenic cancer, avoid hemp and limit ground flaxseed to 1 or so T/day. Current research shows flax is helpful but a problem if taken in large amounts.


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