Anti-Cancer Recipes: What’s for Drinking?

If you’ve been following the anti-cancer recipes in this blog, then you already have some ideas. Besides good old- fashioned water (not from a plastic bottle, especially if it’s been sitting around in heat), here are some healthy options:

anti cancer ggl tea

What a great teapot! You can throw everything in, and the top keeps the solids inside, where they belong. Now, who gave this to me and where did you find it?

  • GGL tea—Ginger. Green. Lemon.  Make a pot and keep replenishing it with hot water all day long.

First, cut a few slices of ginger, on the diagonal. Then crush them with the bottom of a jar, boil them in water and pour the boiled ginger water over green tea leaves. (Details on how to make green tea here.)

Or instead of boiling the smashed ginger pieces, you can just throw them into the pot of boiled water along with the tea leaves and let everything steep.

 Add lemon juice (20 to 50 percent, according to one study) and rinds to boost the anti-cancer effects; citrus enhances the antioxidants in the tea and boasts its own cancer-fighting properties.  

Caution, however: Don’t go overboard on the green. Health guru Dr. Andrew Weil suggests 2-4 cups of green tea max daily.

p.s. Teapot from Teavana, with thanks to Miami realtors Lynn and Tom

anti cancer citrus

photo courtesy of

  • Citrus water a/k/a limonade—Make yourself a pitcher of water with the juice of organic lemons and/or limes along with their rinds. (Yes, use the whole outer covering, including the white stuff. ) For a hint of sweetness, add some organic orange rinds (but not the juice—too sweet.) Keep refilling the pitcher with water all day, and stick in fridge overnight; the citrus rinds will continue to release their intense flavors.    
anti cancer green drink ingredients

Here’s to your health!

  • Greens juice—but don’t make the mistake of sweetening it with high-sugar fruits or vegetables. Here, again, is Ricky’s favorite recipe.  Drink soon after making.

Coming soon: Which juicers are best for your anti-cancer lifestyle?                                                                                                                

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