Anti-Cancer Recipes: No Sugar, Lots of Spice and other Zesty Thoughts

Note: Writer-Producer Harriet Sugar Miller has been a health journalist and cancer survivor for almost two decades. In her past life (before children), she practiced law in NYC. 

Although Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month wraps today, the disease remains– and will always be the beast that roused this anti-cancer blog.

In the words of McGill University’s Dr. Gerald Wiviott, we all need a trigger to help us get off our bums (Canadian for “butts”) and make changes:  Inspiration, Motivation, Provocation and Support.  

Inspired, motivated and provoked by a recurrence of a slow-growing form of ovarian cancer almost a decade ago, at age 50, I really need your support.   

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Just think, by sharing the growing body of anti-cancer research, you could be the inspiration and support that many others need, too.   

2 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Recipes: No Sugar, Lots of Spice and other Zesty Thoughts

  1. You actually created a lot of wonderful ideas throughout
    ur blog post, “Anti-Cancer Recipes: No Sugar, Lots of Spice and other Zesty Thoughts | Eat
    and Beat Cancer” natoma08 . I will possibly be coming back to ur page before long.

    Thanks -Noah


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