Anti-Cancer Recipes: How to Make Turmeric More Potent and Tasty

turmeric with rainbow and plate 006 to considerHere’s your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: an anti-cancer recipe for a Turmeric Concoction.

Turmeric on its own just doesn’t cut it. For one, it tastes severe. Plus, you need to make it more “bioavailable”–that is, available to be absorbed by the body. To do that, combine it with black pepper and a healthy fat and heat it.    

Here’s an easy recipe:  

2 T ground turmeric

2 T ground cumin (to enhance flavor)

1 T ground black pepper (to enhance bioavailability)

Salt to taste

Whisk the spices together and keep them in a dry, dark place. When you’re ready to use them, mix with a little healthy fat–nut or seed butter, hummus, or onions sauteed in olive oil. (First, saute the onions in olive oil, then add the spice mixture to the onions when they’re close to translucent.)

Although some compounds in turmeric are fat soluble, others are soluble in water. By heating turmeric, you’ll help those water-soluble compounds dissolve.  

Like many spices, turmeric inhibits your body’s production of NF-kappa B, considered the black knight of cancer because it protects cancer cells from your body’s defense mechanisms and helps them grow and spread.   

Caution: If you’re pregnant or taking drugs for breast cancer, talk to your doctor about using turmeric. If you have gallstones or bile duct problems, avoid it.

Want to know more about this anti-cancer spice?  

onions on stove with turmeric concoction to consider   


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