Anti-Cancer Strategies: What Foods help Lower your Blood Sugar?

anti-cancer blueberriesCan you name 10 foods that help lower your blood sugar and thus belong in your anti-cancer diet?

 Dr. Jeanne Wallace, a PhD in nutrition who counsels people with cancer and has reviewed the many studies on foods and blood sugar, suggests the following are best. I’ve added suggestions for making them part of your daily routine.

anti-cancer parsley






● LEMON–Start the day with hot water and lemon to warm your insides.

OAT BRAN–Enjoy 1/2 cup cooked for breakfast. (Here’s the recipe.)  Oat bran contains soluble fiber, which dissolves into a gel in water and then moves through your gut. You have to keep drinking water throughout the day–or else, that thick bran will get stuck. Yuck. 

BERRIES, with CINNAMON  According to Wallace, BLUEBERRIES, GOJI BERRIES and BLACK CURRANTS are great choices. Throw 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen wild blueberries on your oat bran–or eat them at the end of a meal. Their phytonutrients will help control the blood sugar spikes that accompany mealtime. 

Lupper (Lunch and supper and everything in-between):

● OLIVE OIL–cold-pressed, extra virgin. It’s best cold. If you saute with it, use a lowish heat and don’t let it smoke. 

ALLIUMS--including onions, leeks, raw garlic, chives, scallions, shallots. Have you tried the Indalian onions?

PARSLEY– Add a tabbouleh salad, using red onion and lemon for a triple-header. 


AVOCADO–Make some guacamole, with red onion and pomegranate. Yum.  

FLAXSEED–Consider this more of a medicinal snack because the taste is earthy and bland.  

Buy the brown seeds and keep them in an airtight container in the freezer or fridge. Grind daily (in a coffee grinder), and just eat it right out of the spoon.  Again, it’s got lots of soluble fiber, so again, keep drinking water. According to researchers who have done small clinical trials, 2 T of ground flaxseed/day for women and 3 T for men may  protect against hormonally-driven cancers.


Evening brew:

CHAMOMILE TEA– Besides helping control blood sugar, it’s  soothing to the gut and nerves–a perfect toddy for the day’s last anti-cancer meal.  


anti -cancer leeks

3 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Strategies: What Foods help Lower your Blood Sugar?

  1. Thank you.I’m glad I found you. Am enjoying your practical, easy reads on cancer-fighing nutrition, which I write on often myself 🙂 Rachel


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