Anti-Cancer Strategies: Wine, Women and Breast Cancer

Anti-cancer strategies: Avoiding Alcohol

Experts have been warning us for a long while. Now there’s another study that’s even more scary:  

Even light alcohol drinking is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. 

The authors looked at over 100  studies and concluded that light drinking–defined as one alcoholic drink/day –increased risk of breast cancer 4%, a figure they deemed significant. Heavy consumption, defined as three or more drinks a day, is associated with a 40-50% increased risk, they found, confirming what other scientists have been saying for some time now.  It seems safe to conclude that the more we drink, the more we increase our risk.  

The possible reason?Alcohol increases estrogen levels,” the authors point out, suggesting other mechanisms that may be at work as well.  

Their conclusions: “Women should not exceed one drink/day, and women at elevated risk for breast cancer should avoid alcohol or consume alcohol occasionally only.”

And for sure, don’t drink on an empty stomach, advises Dr. Jeanne Wallace, a PhD in nutrition who counsels people with cancer. The food will slow down your body’s absorption of alcohol.  

Because alcohol may cause you to be deficient in folate, it might also be wise to up your intake of this B vitamin by emphasizing beans and dark leafy greens.  

Recently another study came out showing that advanced breast cancer has increased among young women, ages 25 to 39. (Interestingly, localized breast cancer rates in young women are not rising, which makes you wonder: Should young women be more vigilant in getting checked?)

It also makes you wonder: Is there a connection to our culture’s obsession with wine?

Is alcohol the new tobacco? I don’t want to be a party pooper, friends –We’ve still got sex, protected when necessary, and unbridled rock ‘n roll.  

My dear sisters, please forward this anti-cancer message to all your sisters in spirit:  When it comes to alcohol, less is better; little to none, best.     

For a brief look at alcohol’s link to other cancers, click here.  

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