Anti-Cancer Foods: Radishes are more than they’re cracked up to be

What’s so great about this week’s anti-cancer food–plain, pungent radishes?  Let’s talk methylation, for starters.

Your DNA is always being damaged, repaired and copied, and methylation, a fundamental biological activity that happens more than a billion times a second, controls that process. Think of your cells as continually engaged in a dance of methylation—adding clusters of carbon and hydrogen atoms (called methyl groups) to DNA and taking them away in order to keep DNA  functioning well. Too little methylation and DNA cannot repair itself, putting you at higher risk of cancer. (But don’t run out and purchase supplements: Too much methylation may also increase your risk.)

What you CAN do to improve methylation is make sure you get enough folate and other B vitamins in your diet. Radishes are a good source of both. (So are dark leafy greens and beans.)

Radishes are also low in calories and carbs as well as crunchy, making them a healthy substitute when you’re craving crackers.

And the clencher? Although they may not resemble their broccoli and cauliflower cousins, radishes are a member of the almighty cruciferous family of vegetables. When it comes to protecting you from cancer, that family is holy! 

1 thought on “Anti-Cancer Foods: Radishes are more than they’re cracked up to be

  1. Best source of folate is actually chicken (or other foul…oops fowl) liver. For us vegetarians we can meet our daily 400 micrograms of folate from beans and legumes. Interestingly dried daikon radish has a much higher folate content than other types and forms of radish.
    Perhaps you have been spending to much time “clenching” but the “clincher” is eating a variety of plant-based foods as you always wisely recommend!


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