Anti-Cancer Strategies: Meet the Experts

Who are among the world’s top experts on nutrition and cancer?

With all the blather out there in the information universe, we all know that you’re only as good as your sources. As a journalist, I’ll tap into the world’s foremost experts on cancer and nutrition, digest their thoughts and then deliver their advice atop platters of inviting recipes. I’ll tell you where the experts differ in opinion—some say no alcohol; others tout red wine, for example (Don’t believe them)– and declare my philosophical bias at the outset: If you’re fighting cancer, follow the opinion that’s the least risky.

Those top experts, mainly Ph.Ds, include:

• Dr. Steven Zeisel, University of North Carolina’s Nutrition Research Institute,, and Dr. Walter Willett, Harvard Medical School Division of Nutrition,,  who, along with many other distinguished scientists, produce comprehensive reports about the research on cancer and diet,

• Dr. Richard Beliveau,  University of Quebec at Montreal, Chair of its research team on the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, author of “Foods that Fight Cancer.”

• Dr. Ralph Moss, among the most respected holistic-style advisors 

 • the late Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D, survived a deadly form of brain cancer for 19 years, wrote “Anti Cancer A New Way of Life,” which includes helpful charts showing the results of Beliveau’s research on various vegetables and their effects on different types of cancer cells.

• Dr. Jeanne Wallace, nutritional advisor, with whom I have been consulting for many years, has an “encyclopedic knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms that can feed or, to the contrary, greatly limit the spread of cancer,” says Servan-Schreiber, who also turned to her for advice.  “As observed by researchers at the NIH, many of the patients Jeanne looked after…survived far longer than originally predicted, ” he says.

Of course, there are many other experts out there: Dr. Tak Mak, University of Toronto, whose research focuses on cancer’s metabolic pathways; Dr. William Li ,; and health guru Dr. Andrew Weil,, whose holistic approach to health coupled with a strong research team make him much more reliable, in my humble opinion, than other TV doctors who will remain unnamed. (Stick around for that story.)

So take my hand. Let me do the work for you. Let’s skip down this yellow brick path together and slay the witches in our way.   (Hint, hint!)

2 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Strategies: Meet the Experts

  1. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber died in the summer of 2011, having lived 19 years with a deadly form of brain cancer. His teachings will live on. That’s as close to immortality as you can expect to get, right?


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