Anti-Cancer Recipe: Ginger Tea for Nausea and Other Woes

anti-cancer and anti-nausea ginger teaWhen you were a kid and feeling queasy, did your mom indulge you with ginger ale? Not a bad hunch, but in many societies, there’s a much more indigenous way of spelling relief: Make ginger tea.

As you know from the post on inflammation, ginger is the great equalizer. It quells inflammation and soothes heartburn, upset stomach and nausea.  What’s the key to preparing it?

The secret is in how you crush the ginger.

Slice up a few pieces of ginger on the diagonal. Then take a spice jar—or anything with a flat bottom—and knock the bottom straight down onto the slices. Don’t be shy, folks. Apply some force. You’ll see the ginger threads open up and release their distinct smell.

Then throw a few mauled slices into a pot of water, and boil them for a few minutes. You’ll have to experiment with how strong you like your tea. No need to sweeten. (If you do, use stevia or Lo Han.) You could add a dash of cayenne for even more punch.

And you can keep re-using the pieces until they’re exhausted.  I like easy cooking –so I leave the boiled slices in the pot, soaking in a little water, until I’m ready to make the next batch.  (Sometimes I re-use them for days.)

Some words of warning, however: Because ginger thins your blood, avoid at least two weeks before surgery. Check with your doctor  if you’re on chemo and taking ginger for its anti-cancer and anti-nausea effects.

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