Anti-Cancer Resources: A Book, a Club and an MD with an Alternative Approach

Anti-Cancer Club logoAdd these to your list of anti-cancer resources:

● If you’re learning how to cook with spices, the book “Healing Spices” by M. D. Anderson researcher Dr. Bharat Aggarwal will help you create jewels in your kitchen.

How do Thai curry dishes differ from Malaysian and Indian ones?  What can you use if you can’t find kefir lime leaves and galangal? (Answer: lime zest and ginger, but it’s not quite the same.) At what stage of cooking should you add the spices? (Answer: Because most of them are fat soluble, dissolve dried spices first in a little oil. If I’m sauteeing onions, I just add them to the oily onions.)

The book is a veritable encyclopedia of spice lore. It’s filled with tasty recipes, suggestions for spice combinations to create different ethnic cuisines as well as online resources from which to order some of the hard-to-find spices.

● If you or your loved one is fighting cancer, the Anti-Cancer Club can help you find resources and strength.

Take charge of your diagnosis. That’s the motto of founder Pat Wetzel, herself a survivor. “Let your fear motivate you in a positive way.” 

Read evolutionary biologist Stephen J. Gould’s inspiring take on facing statistics when he was told he’d probably be dead in eight months. (He went on to live 20 years). Sign up for free weekly newsletters. Start your navigation with this empowering list of how to take charge: Have you created that small circle of friends you can talk to? 

 ●  If you’re looking for a medical doctor who is also knowledgeable about alternative treatments, check out New York City’s Dr. Raymond Chang.

He’s a believer in evidence-based alternative medicine and will work with you to understand your particular cancer and to create a cocktail of herbs, supplements and drugs–including ones that you may not be able to access elsewhere. For example, for certain cancers, he supports using Metformin, a drug that’s been used traditionally to control blood sugar in people with Type 2 diabetes and that research has shown to be helpful in some cancers. (One researcher told me that Metformin kills cancer stem cells. Yes, that should probably be in all caps, not parentheses.) 

Chang has written a book on personalizing cancer treatments and is compiling a database on anti-cancer herbs.

For more anti-cancer resources, click here--and feel free to add your suggestions for resources in the comments below.  


1 thought on “Anti-Cancer Resources: A Book, a Club and an MD with an Alternative Approach

  1. Thanks so much for posting this valuable information. I do take Metformin after Stage 3 Breast Cancer, by the way. My research, a talk with my Oncologist, and a discussion with my General Practitioner convinced me, and lots of reading convinced me!


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