Anti-Cancer Recipe/Contest: Watercress

Anti-cancer Watercress Salad

What’s a good way to store watercress? Read on…

Today, we’re adding a new feature to the site:  We give you the anti-cancer ingredient; you give us your best recipe. This week, the star is watercress, a crucifer with a strong bite, both nutritionally and in its peppery taste.  

Watercress is all about simplicity.  Simply steam.  Add a dressing.  Simpler raw.  Add  some natural sweetness to balance the bitter —yin for the yang, a concept that works as well when you’re cooking as it does when picking a mate.

Legend has it that Hippocrates’ patients improved after eating watercress.  A Greek general loaded his soldiers with it to build strength before going into battle. Today, scientists are validating these hunches:  Watercress contains lots of antioxidants– vitamins and minerals that protect cells from DNA damage.  Plus, it harbors compounds that release isothiocyanates (See the previous posts on crucifers), which help keep tumors from making the blood vessels they need to grow and spread.

So bring on your watercress concoctions.  Here’s ours, a simple salad. Being new age, we don’t believe in zero sum games. You can all be winners and see your recipes, with links, blogged here!

Eat and Beat Cancer’s Munch- a- Bunch- for- Lunch Watercress Salad

• 1/2 bunch cress, including stems and leaves, rinsed and drained well

• 1 to 2  t pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted (If you burn them, start over.)

• 1 to 2 organic strawberries, sliced thinly

•  optional zest of organic orange (Citrus peel fights cancer.)

• Dressing: olive oil and balsamic vinegar (which contains a little fructose, so go easy.)

Put dressing in bowl, add cress and mix well, then add extras. Munch slowly.The act of chewing releases anti-cancer compounds.

anti-cancer watercress in bowl

The answer: Submerge leaves in cold water, and keep in fridge.

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