Anti-Cancer Resources: Complementary Practitioners

anticancer consultants

Want advice about complementary approaches?

September 2018 update   Add to the list the following naturopaths who take a metabolic approach to cancer:

Dr. Natasha Winters 

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald  



You or someone you know facing a cancer diagnosis? Need help getting through treatments?  Want to know which supplements might be beneficial or harmful?  I’ve researched this thoroughly for my own well-being and guarantee that these resources are tops. One’s an M.D; one’s an N.D., a naturopath; the other, a PhD in nutrition. They all believe in working with conventional medicine as well.      

• Dr. Keith Block, a medical doctor and author of “Life Over Cancer,”  runs the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment near Chicago, Illinois and writes a terrific blog.   

Dr. Jeanne C. Wallace, PhD in nutrition, has an “encyclopedic knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms that can feed or, to the contrary, greatly limit the spread of cancer… As observed by researchers at the NIH, many of the patients Jeanne looked after…survived far longer than originally predicted,”  says the late Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in his book, “Anti Cancer  A New Way of Life.” Wallace spends much of her time researching and speaking these days, but she’s trained a small team of advisors, who are always there for you.      

Dr. James Belanger is a naturopath in Massachusetts and had cancer himself, which was cured, he says, by a combination of conventional and complementary approaches.  He teaches nutrition at the New England School of Acupuncture.

They all offer advice on both diet and supplements.  

3 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Resources: Complementary Practitioners

  1. Also, Dr. Nasha Winters in Durango, Colorado, of the Namaste Health Center is an expert in women’s cancer and supports conventional treatment with a full range of alternative treatments. A cancer survivor herself, her knowledge of Eastern medicine, the role of food, and up-to-date role of supplements is unsurpassed. I have been a happy client of Dr. Nasha’s and am currently four years out from a diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer.


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