Anti-Cancer Strategies: Top 10 Foods to Decrease Inflammation

anti cancer berriesNote: Since this article first appeared in 2013, research has revealed that the amino acid methionine may fuel cancer. Uniquely among amino acids, it causes cells to produce free radicals of oxygen as they burn it for energy. Researcher Dr. Paul Cavuoto suggests that people with cancer should limit methionine to 1 gram a day max. That means restricing animal foods, even those with high omega 3 content. One 3 oz portion of cooked salmon has almost 700 mg–comparable to poultry and meat. Brazil nuts are also high in methionine. For more on the methionine story, read this piece, written in early 2016.

“One of the most significant medical discoveries of the 21st century is that inflammation is the common thread connecting chronic diseases,” writes Dr. Mark Hyman, author of several books on health and wellness. The conditions he’s talking about include diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cancer, all driven by inflammatory foods in your diet. But the good news is there are lots of foods that decrease inflammation, too. Want to know which ones? Read this piece on Zester Daily .  


3 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Strategies: Top 10 Foods to Decrease Inflammation

  1. Harriet…I LOVE the name…one of my favorite character’s shares your name. Kind of similar vocations:) she’s a spy.
    Anyway I LOVE your mission. I am an integrative RN seeking resources to create a reliable resource for cancer patients for UM-St. Joseph Medical Center. We are forming a multi-disciplinary team including an acupuncturist/oncological MD as part of our integrative therapy movement. I look forward to referencing your work as part of our education.
    Look forward to collaborating on using FOOD as Yummy Medicine!


  2. Thanks, Heather. I hate my name! Imagine being 17 years old and having to tell a cute boy you meet that your name is “Harriet.” Couldn’t they have called me “Hiawatha” instead?


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