Anti-Cancer Strategies: Does Diet Really Matter?

anti-cancer dietsWhen it comes to anti-cancer strategies, does diet really matter? To what degree?

We started the summer with a New York Times science columnist claiming that diet doesn’t matter (the premise of his book, which was about to be released in paperbook.) After that article, I spoke with several experts who claim that diet does matter, significantly. A plant-based diet will improve your odds for fighting many common diseases, cancer included, they said. 

So why are the studies so confusing? How much cancer could be prevented if we changed our eating patterns?  What dietary guidelines do the scientists who analyze all the studies suggest?

To read the article, “5 Ways to Make Cancer Research Work for You,” click here, then click on that fattoush salad. You’ll also get another yummy recipe (courtesy of the Jittery Cook) to add to your anti-cancer repertoire.  

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