Anti-Cancer News: The New York Times on Feeding Cancer

anti-cancer dill

2018 update: For an update on Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s suggestions for treating cancer as a metabolic disease, read his article here or my piece summarizing that article.  

Talk with your oncologist about using this approach and ask your oncologist to reach out to Dr. Seyfried at

This week’s New York Times magazine features a story on a theme familiar to all of you readers of this anti-cancer blog : the metabolic approach to starving, or feeding, disease. It singles out insulin and a related hormone, Insulin Growth Factor-1, which we’ve talked about often.  And if glucose, glutamine and certain fatty acids drive cancer growth, as the metabolic scientists quoted in the article suggest, then what could be more important than phytonutrients that keep cancer cells from utilizing those fuels? That’s another theme we’ve been addressing.  Remember singing the praises of dill? 

Read the New York Times story here. Then revisit these posts for a refresher:

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