Anti-Cancer Foods: Are you Buying the Best Turmeric?

anti-cancer foods: turmericWhat kind of turmeric powder should we choose for our anti-cancer kitchens?

photo of raw turmeric courtesy of Holly Botner, the Jittery Cook

Most of the world’s turmeric comes from two places in India: Alleppey and Madras. According to Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, an M.D. Andersen researcher and author of “Healing Spices,” turmeric from Alleppey contains nearly twice the amount of curcumin, the potent cancer-fighting compound, than turmeric from Madras.

So how do you know which one you’re buying? Alleppey’s magic powder has a deeper color (a brighter yellow) and a more mellow flavor, says Aggarwal. 

Don’t forget the other foods to combine with your daily turmeric–black pepper and a little healthy fat to increase absorption. Heating also helps. Have you tried making this anti-cancer turmeric concoction yet? 

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