Anti-Cancer Outrage: Shame on You, Canada

anti cancer outrage Bush-whacking the environment. That’s the best way to describe Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s George W. Bush-esque approach: When you can’t change the laws with public approval, just go ahead and do it any way you can. Continue reading

Salmon Says, an Anti-Cancer Investigation: What Kind is Healthiest? Part 2. A Look at the Wild Pacific

anti cancer salmon says: wild canned from Alaska

Is wild Alaskan really the best?

With all the hoopla that surfaced in the mid 2000s about PCBs in farmed salmon plus the concerns about its environmental impact, health guru Dr. Andrew Weil and many others have been touting wild Alaskan salmon as your premium choice.  But is the answer really that simple? Bear with me; it’s taken 6 months of this anti-cancer investigating to find out. Continue reading